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WITH THE DIFFERENTIAL CLATTERING ON THE FRAME, I realized it was time to change the collapsing "snub bushings." These two-piece rubber cushions don't last forever, and as they break down, the tolerance between the diff and the frame narrows, causing a clatter on acceleration and driving up hill.

The solution I chose was to switch to polyurethane replacements (Eckler's part no. 40314). Get four sets, around $11 per set. I had to cut 1/4" off the "A" parts to get the clearance I needed. Polyurethane won't break down like rubber, but is a bit firmer (read: more diff vibration throughout the car).

You'll need to unbolt the diff tensioning yoke beneath the diff, then remove the four large diff mounting bolts (B). Pry the diff plate from the frame and remove the upper bushing part (A). Retain the original steel sleeve for use with the new bushings. Aurora included an additional 1/4" sleeve extension, which I tossed, because I'd cut 1/4" from the bushing correspondingly.

Once all is reassembled, the diff is now 1/4" higher, and clears the frame below and the brake rotor clears the frame by a bit less above.

Removing tha tank was easy, requiring only nut drivers for the filler cap assy, panel screws and hose clamps. Disconnect the battery before anything else. Two bolts hold the tank to the frame, and once the tank is removed, use golf tees and a 2" PVC cap to plug the fumes.
Be sure to mark the vent and return lines as you remove them. Same with the fuel guage wires.