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Modifications & Upgrades

Contributions of photos and descriptions of modifications or upgrades are welcome by all of us, and each will have a page, links to which are below. The Best Fix button here takes you to this month's choice.


Updated 3/30/2020

Please contact the web guy if you have completed a rebuild or replacement which is an improvement over the original. Look in the discussion group for parts and mods which don't need photos.


Proportioning Valve

Master Cylinder
Air Conditioning Removal
Front Brakes
Front End Performance
Trunk Lift Solution
Snub Bushing Replacement
Heat Shields
Mopar Master Cylinder
Steering U-Joints
Upper Radiator Hose
Clutck & Brake Pedals
Exhaust Upgrade
Corner Weighting
Wire Wheel Shims
Adjustable Shocks
Foot Jack
High-Flow Water Pump
AC Style Rear Bumper
Wheels & Tyres
Side Curtains