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Owner of #151 races his car and has made numerous performance enhancing upgrades, including these direct bolt-on replacement brakes, BAER brand kit for the Mustang II. The kit comes with light weight aluminum hub, lug nuts and brackets. It's 14 unsprung lbs lighter per side - sold by FORD Motorsports.

The 12" rotor may not fit inside the 390mm factory Aurora wheels, but are fine in 16" Daytons and others. He has nice touches like steel braided Teflon brake lines and cool air induction. Rears run hot on the track, and get the same treatment - air is ducted direcly into the rotor "hat" and out the vents in the edge of the rotors.

He's also installed Carrera coil over shocks that are ride-quality and ride-height adjustable. A custom "rose" joint eliminates the binding seen on factory coil over shocks. Cool!