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These front pads have 14k miles. The misalignment you see is becuase the calipers are shimmed out at the bottom to clear an A-arm. The "inner" pads are not easily found - nearest stock part is D-90, but this only contacts 1-1/2" of the 2-1/8" rotor surface. The outer is 1980 Granada, stock number D-91.

Newer rebuilt calipers have aluminum pistons. The problem with our original calipers is the nylon piston. It's engineered to provide heat insulation between the pad and the fluid, but these pistons swell and stick. Results? For me it was glazed (read non-resurfaceable) rotor and pads. Sounds like "CHEAP-CHEAP-CHEAP-CHEAP." You get the idea. When you replace the pads, scribe the edge which misses the rotor and champfer on a grinding wheel. Original Aurora pads were riveted semi-metallic, better than glued.

You can buy the stock pads shown, or get custom fitted pads from Porterfield, (949) 548-4470. They specialize in racing pads - kevlar compound - which runs cool, is expensive and short lived. Semi-metallic is good for the street.