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Steering U-Joint Relpacement...

Your steering getting more exciting than you'd like? Sudden lane changes you ascribe to crosswind? It's your u-joints, and Aurora installed many incorrectly. Here's why:

U-Joints installed in tandem at both ends of any shaft should be "clocked," or aligned with one another to prevent binding. The small hole (see photo) in the factory- installed u-joints were not aligned, and can result in an audible "clunk."

The part needed for the Aurora steering application is MS-20271-B14, and has a bore (shaft) size of .750. Prices vary quite a bit by vendor: Pegasus Auto racing has them for $109.99; Racerparts Wholesale $119.oo, and best of all, those fantastic folks (Great catalog- great parts source!!) at Aircraft Spruce, $ 98.50. And remember to use hi-shear grade 8 bolts through the shaft.

If you also have gray ignition wiring, it's probably original 1980s era wire. Heat breaks it down most, so if you have over 50K miles, it may be a good time to replace the wires.