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Trunk Lid Gas Springs

Owner of #73 Aurora MkII discovered replacements to the factory-installed gas springs. The original manufacturer sells in quantity only, so this owner determined the specficiations and researched alternate manufacturers. Good news: NAPA part #819-5589 gas springs can be installed at Aurora's original mounting points, the trunk lid hinge and the slotted frame plate.
He recommends propping open the lid, attaching the extension part of the cylinder to the mounting hole on the trunk hinge, and then attaching the forward ball end to the slotted frame bracket as far aft as possible.
Your trunk lid will pop open a bit when released, and will be supported in any position in which it is left. With these gas springs, life expectancy is increased with the extension part mounted lower than the cylinder part, so the lubricant remains in contact with the seal.


This mechanical strut solution was installed prior to the new gas springs.