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For Sale

You've found the best marketplace for Aurora cars.
These cars sold new in 1981-1983 for $36,000-$42,000!

That's a gazillion in today's dollars

Contact the owners directly with interest to purchase.
Sellers > contact The Web Site Guy to include your Aurora here.

Aurora Parts
Click here ^ for used Aurora parts offered for sale directly by Aurora owners.

Two special GRX Model Auroras now listed for sale


Newly repainted LeMans blue. Authentic scoop was added - it breaths better and keeps it cooler. Rebuilt 302 with a little cam attitude. New ignition wiring etc. New exhaust with tailipipes exiting rear of rear wheels. Recent Perrili tires with 2000 miles on them. New QA-1 Shocks and springs all around. Shelby style "eggcrate" grille, Dayton "Classic" wire wheels, new "period" dashborad and some new Smiths gauges, matching originals. New Smiths speedometer reads off a GPS signal for more accuracy. All gauges are non-metric for U.S. market. Car was purchased in the USA making it easier to import to the USA. New interior, carpet, seats, etc. Many original spare parts; roll bar, air cleaner etc. New locking hood latch handles. Engine dress up kit (see pictures). New halogen headlights with protective wire mesh screens. Canvas top, side windows and tonneau cover all fit nicely. Included is a new handbrake brake pad, currently on order. Car is fast and runs beautifully. Everything works as it should. No indication of any accidents or damage. Current owner since 2010.

Asking price: $38,000 USD

Contact: Alan Mockler - tel: 514-631-7015


A very special and rare 1981 Aurora, this GRX model has had an extensive and exceptional restoration to closely match Carroll Shelby's recing Cobra in appearance and performance. Perfect dashboard reconstruction. Original replaced engine and transmission plus many spares included. ~15,000 miles

Asking $34,000

Contact Dennis Clack